New growth

Just now there are less than 8 hours of daylight each day and we spend much of our time in darkness. Many living things - plants, animals, insects - are asleep, often underground. Last years vegetation is rotting down and energy is being stored in readiness for new life and new shoots to appear as the days lengthen. 

As we enter a New Year this can be a time for us to reflect, to ruminate, for our conscious and subconscious mind to sort through whatever aspects of ourselves we might want to let go of and what new growth we might want to make. 

We often to tend to live our lives according to well established routines and patterns. But sometimes we yearn for something to be different; to shed a part of our experience that is painful or stuck or stagnant - to experience something more nourishing, fresh or creative. To stride out in a new direction.

Often, finding out what we want can be half the battle. We can hide the knowledge of what we most desire from ourselves, perhaps out of fear - of stepping into uncertainty, of change, of loss, of failure. Sometimes we need support to help us make changes, and perhaps grow our confidence gradually by making numerous, modest changes. Over time these incremental shifts can make a profound difference to our life experience.

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